Can I bring alcohol into Dubai?

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(Lindon Johnson) #1

Can I buy the duty-free in our country and then bring it into Dubai or does it has to be bought at Dubai airport?

(Tim Elliot) #2

Yes, you can, and you have a few options:

  • You can buy it in your country and put it in your hold luggage before travelling as you won’t get past security at your country’s airport with it as hand luggage.

  • Buy it in duty-free at your departure airport and carry it through immigration and customs at Dubai.

  • Buy it at Dubai duty-free after you land and have been through immigration, then collect your bags and go through customs.

So it doesn’t have to be bought at Dubai airport BUT you won’t have to carry it in with your clothes or in a duty-free bag in the overhead locker if you do buy it at the Dubai International Airport.

(Kristian Kurki) #3

You are allowed to bring in 4 litres per adult of alcohol whether you buy in from Duty-free in your country or in Dubai Duty-free or bring from your home.

(Abdullah Al Khalaf) #4

Official Duty-free allowances:

Each traveller is permitted to bring the following with them into the United Arab Emirates (UAE):

  • 4 litres of alcohol or one carton / 24 cans of beer
  • AED 2,000 worth of cigarettes or 400 sticks of cigarettes
  • AED 3,000 worth of cigars
  • 2 kilograms of tobacco
  • AED 3,000 worth of gifts, including perfume