Fancy food in Dubai?

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(Samantha Nicole Hueber) #1

What types of food is in Dubai? Is there such thing as U.S.A food? (Food that’s from the U.S) Which food is very popular? Is there a lot of fancy stuff like restaurants, houses, schools, etc.?

(Tim Elliot) #2

Dubai has a wide variety of restaurants, allowing travellers and expatriates to go on a culinary world tour sampling Arabic (such as tabouleh, hummus, pita, baba ghanoush, etc.), Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino, Mexican, Turkish, Indian, etc. cuisine.

For a taste of “home,” the standard American chains such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Dairy Queen are available. Supermarkets provide all sorts of food which you are accustomed to buying at home. Fresh produce is readily available.