Is Dubai the richest city in the World?

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Is Dubai the richest city in the World?

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Dubai Cities that are home to the most number of tycoons or moguls may not really be the wealthiest places on earth.
The condition of riches in any given place can be controlled by the total of the considerable number of fortunes, including money, property, values and business premiums, held by the general population living in the zone. Because of this, New World Wealth, a worldwide riches knowledge, and statistical surveying firm have thought of a rundown of 15 wealthiest urban areas on the planet today.
A few crowded urban areas in Asia, including Mumbai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, and Shanghai, made it to the rankings. In any case, puts that are not thickly populated but rather are known to be the most loved goals of the tycoons, for example, Geneva and Zurich, did not appear on the rundown.

Here are the top 15 richest cities in the world in terms of all the wealth held by private citizens:
1. London
2. New York City
3. Tokyo
4. San Francisco Bay area
5. Beijing
6. Shanghai
7. Los Angeles
8. Hong Kong
9. Singapore
10. Chicago
11. Sydney
12. Toronto
13. Frankfurt
14. Mumbai
15. Paris