Is it expensive to live in Dubai?

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(Lindon Johnson) #1

Hi, can I have your opinion is it expensive to live in Dubai? I really want to live in a country outside of America for a few years just to experience other sights.

(Abdullah Al Khalaf) #2

It depends on what you are purchasing. Housing rental is expensive and alcohol is expensive; brand names and imports can be expensive, compared to the prices at home (where they may not be imports). The general cost of clothing, food, etc., is not particularly expensive.

(Michelle Gjerde) #3

It is very expensive. If your company is looking after your accommodations and gives you a food stipend, you will still need to put in a bit to cover your expenses.

(Rick Grant) #4

Yes, it is. However, I believe there are some genuine reasons why Dubai is so expensive:

  1. Historically, so many costs were picked up directly by the employer of the person working their e.g. When I worked in Dubai, I received fully paid accommodation (all utilities etc), fully expensed car, contribution to school fees etc. Some people also received beach/golf club membership. This meant that increases in accommodation costs did not affect the end user. These packages are changing to an allowance based system, but even these allowances are often linked to the actual cost

  2. Everybody (almost) who works in Dubai, is an expat. So costs of accommodation, visas, travel, school fees etc, add to the cost of the labour element of the service.

  3. Almost everything is imported and from a long distance country.