Is smoking cigarettes legal in Dubai?

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(Jessi Goodman) #1

Can I smoke while I am in Dubai? Is smoking cigarettes legal in Dubai?

(Tim Elliot) #2

Smoking is legal in certain places in UAE (except for Sharjah). Since 2008, there have been bans on smoking in enclosed public places (e.g., malls, restaurants, offices, cafeterias, hotel lobbies, etc.). Also, under a January 2010 law, smoking was banned when driving a vehicle in the company of a child under 12 years.

Note that most workplaces Dubai are now smoke-free. It is prohibited the use of any tobacco product on inside the office property, and also prohibits staff from smoking while wearing any type of apparel which would identify them as working for most of the companies.

(Abdullah Al Khalaf) #3

Smoking is not allowed in government facilities, offices, malls and shops. Smoking outside designated areas is subject to fine.

However, you will find a smoking area in each place or beside the entrance doors…etc.

You can smoke in your house and your car, but make sure not to throw anything out of car window.

Reference: The Dubai Code of Conduct

(Michelle Gjerde) #4

Yes, everyone smokes everywhere including bars and restaurants indoors. Check for no smoking signs, but there aren’t many.