Mail delivery in Downtown Dubai?

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(Tomoo Machiba) #1

Does Emirates Post deliver mails to your door? (I live in Downtown.) Or do people apply for their PO Box?

(Michelle Gjerde) #2

Well, firstly, there’s no such thing here as a formal street address system in the UAE for post to be delivered to your door. Directions and addresses here Dubai are given using landmarks: “take a right at the roundabout with the big coffee pot on it, past the Co-op and you’ll find it near the new hospital” is an example of a pretty normal way to describe a location in Dubai! :slight_smile:

People usually use their company’s P.O. Box or you can register a private one. There are 4 types of P.O. Boxes by Emirates Post Group (usually just referred to Emirates Post, or Empost):

  • My Home - Delivering and receiving mail 3 times a week at villa doorstep. This is exclusively available for villa type houses only in selected areas. Yearly fee: AED 750.00. Apply online here.

  • My Building - Delivering mail within selected residential buildings. Yearly fee: AED 450.00. Apply online here.

  • My Zone - Delivering mail through P.O. Box shelters located in residential and commercial areas. Yearly fee: AED 300.00. Apply online here.

  • My Box - Delivering mail through P.O. Box at your nearest post offices. Yearly fee: AED 250.00. Apply online here.

Each individual box is locked and is just really a central location for your own personal letterbox. Try to find one as close to your home and as easy to get to as possible to make life as easy as you can – no-one wants to be sitting in traffic for hours at a time just to collect their post! Delivery to a P.O. Box number tends to be slow, although it does vary and sometimes depends on the location the mail is coming from too.

Delivery to a company P.O. Box will usually get delivered right to you at your desk as there will be someone (usually from admin) in charge of collecting the post from the actual P.O. Box and then distributing to the relevant departments and employees. The mail will be sorted, and either delivered to you at your desk, or more likely, placed in a personal post box or pigeon hole assigned to you.

Delivery to a personal P.O. Box will require you periodically popping along to the box location to collect your post. You can nominate a person to collect on your behalf so there is always the option if you have household help (as is common here) to delegate this task.

Here is a detailed video of how to order your individual P.O. Box at Emirates Post: