What are the best beaches in Dubai?

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With its coastline of 520 kilometres, Dubai is a home for more than 50 public and private beaches. Whether you’re looking for a short sunbathe or an ultimate beach holiday, Dubai’s beaches can exceed anyone’s expectations.

In your personal opinion, what are the top beaches in Dubai?

What are the best beaches in Dubai?

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The natural environment around Dubai is truly stunning. The beaches are pristine and beautiful. The parks are well designed and offer a soothing environment for families on the weekend. And just a few kilometers outside the city limits is the timeless romance of the Arabian Desert. It is little wonder then that so many travelers take time to bask in these nature’s gifts.

It is hard to choose the best beach in Dubai. It should be easy since there aren’t that many beaches in Dubai. Mostly people swim in hotel pools. Among the public beaches in Dubai (a lot of beaches in Dubai are public but not free), Jumeirah Beach Park or the Mamzer Beach Park would be strong contenders with their long shorelines, and for Jumeirah Beach park also its close up views of the Burj Al Arab that is one of the best tourist attractions in Dubai, and the perfect waters of the Persian Gulf stretching on for miles. It is immensely popular with tourists and no trip to the city is ever complete without a walk on its white sands.

Here is my top 3 picks when it comes to Dubai beaches:

— The Beach by JBR

This bustling cosmopolitan area is like a beach resort anyone can access and enjoy a day in the sun with a contemporary Arabian touch. The family-friendly area is easily accessible from anywhere in Dubai. There’s plenty to do – from a wide selection of beachside dining and shopping to watersports such as parasailing and wakeboarding.

Probably the most famous beach in Dubai. Often the first port of call for beach volley players and sunbathers, The Beach JBR offers white sand and turquoise blue waters. For a taste of the idyllic beachside lifestyle make your way down to the relaxed district of The Beach at JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residences).

But there is more to love about The Beach JBR than the sand and swimming. Head to “The Walk”, the leisurely promenade along the waterfront. Here international restaurants, fashion boutiques and luxury hotels (Sofitel, Sheraton, Hilton, Ritz Carlton…) have made The Beach JBR one of the city’s most popular spot.

You will find here an amazingly large choice of activities. As well as volleyball, beach tennis, football and yoga, there is also a fitness studio directly at the beach to burn up your energy. Along the beach is a running track where you can also find exercise equipment at regular intervals. For the children there is a large playground, the chance to try trampolining and bungee trampolining and there is even a giant water bouncy castle directly opposite the beach.

There is a surprisingly wide range of water-sports activites here. As well as stand-up paddling, kayaking and pedal boats, there are the motorised options such as jet-skiing, and fly-boarding. Particularly exciting and unusual is the so-called “seabreacher”, which is a small submarine in the shape of a dolphin which jumps through the water like a dolphin does.

There are free changing rooms, showers and toilets at the beach, as well as several information points where you can find out about the numerous activities on offer. For food and drink there are over 50 restaurants and bars serving dishes from all round the world. Small food carts also sell sweets, ice-cream, fruit juices and milkshakes.

If you fancy doing some shopping, there are over 20 shops, souvenir shops and boutiques to choose from. There is also a small market at the southern end of the beach to stroll round and select from a wide choice of souvenirs, jewellery and clothing. Apart from restaurants and shops there is also “The Piazza” behind the promenade which is a kind of funfair where you can enjoy the typical games such as pacman, test your strength and a coconut shy.

At the beach itself you will find so-called DJ booths which are small huts where DJs regularly provide the music and create a great atmosphere here at the best of all beaches in Dubai. At Dubai’s favourite beach you most certainly will never get bored!

The Beach by JBR location in Dubai:

— Sunset Beach

For the quintessential ‘holding up the Burj Al Arab’ photograph, this spot will get you the best side of Dubai’s iconic hotel. The free beach is a perpetual hive of activity and one of the emirate’s most beautiful stretches of sand. Also known as Umm Suqeim Beach, head to nearby Surf House Dubai to rent a board and discuss surf conditions over a coffee.

Genuine and popular beach located right next to Jumeirah Beach Hotel, in front of Umm Suqeim Park.

Umm Suqeim or Sunset Beach is perfect to enjoy the beauty of the sun going down, with the iconic Burj Al Arab on your left.

The water is turquoise blue, especially in the morning.

Lots of joggers and juice bars for those who need to refuel after workout.

Sunset Beach, also known as Umm Suqeim beach, is the perfect spot to relax with the sun, sand and Burj Al Arab in the distant background.

One of the quieter spots along the coast, it is a beautiful area for morning jogs and strolls and watching the sun set across the Arabian Gulf.

The calm beach allows you to catch a snooze or do a bit of reading. You can also run along the running track or take a dip in the blue water.

Sunset Beach is known to be ideal for surfing and fishing, as well as spotting the kitesurfers perform

Sunset Beach location in Dubai:

— Kite Beach

Beachgoers, kitesurfers and spectators unite at the popular and well-named Kite Beach.

If you’re serious about your watersports and wish to test your skills on one of the best free beaches in Dubai, Kite Beach has the challenge you seek.

Located steps from Jumeirah’s main street, you’ll find high quality watersports equipment available along the sand, with kitesurfing, wakeboarding and stand-up paddleboarding gear all ready to go. Head down in the afternoon, as this is when the wind picks up and presents some better conditions.

Fun and farniente. Kite Surf Beach is a very popular spot in Dubai, located not far away from the iconic Burj Al Arab.

THE destination for Kite surfers when the wind and the waves start picking up. Check the Wind Forecast just on this page.

Stretching about 2kms along the manicured sands of the Arabian Gulf, the boardwalk is a large part of what makes Kite Beach unique.

On the side of the walk, there are plenty of Food Trucks like Clinton Street. You can get your mermaid body painting while watching kite surfers.

Ice cream, pizza, fro-yo, fresh juice, coffee, barbecue, seafood, bakery, veggie, hamburger and salad are among the popular offerings.

Also you can shop every sort of crafted Beach towels.

In addition with the new jogging and walking tracks, you can find shower facilities.

For all sport lovers, play beach tennis, volleyball and watersports. Soapy soccer is available too at intervals throughout the year.

A beachcomber’s haven for both vacationers, who enjoy the area’s beautiful ladies, and Kite Surfers, who ride the strong waves.

Kite Beach location in Dubai:

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We pretty sure you will love the Jumeirah Beach and we want to know you that people who are going there talk about Jumeirah Beach Park. you can also try a desert safari ride in with lowest rates.