What is Dubai Chamber and what does it do?

(Samantha Owens) #1

What is Dubai Chamber and what does it do?

(Rick Grant) #2

Dubai Chamber was established in 1965 to represent, support, and protect the Dubai business community.

Dubai Chamber does this by providing products, services, and initiatives that:

  • Support the business community in their commercial activities.
  • Open doors to untapped global and local opportunities.
  • Shaping practices and policies in Dubai to make it the international business hub of choice.

Here is the list of products, services, and initiatives that Dubai Chamber provides:

  • Members Services (Certificates of Origin, Attestations, Memberships)
  • Credit Rating
  • Members’ Information & Commercial Directories
  • Data & Research Information
  • Legal Consultancy
  • Alternate dispute resolutions (Mediation, Reconciliation, & Arbitration)
  • Center for Responsible Business to promote best business practices
  • MRM Business Award
  • Business Networking & Business Matching
  • Trade & Business Development
  • Library & E-Library