What is Dubai Smart Government Establishment?

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What is Dubai Smart Government Establishment?

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Dubai Smart Government Establishment (DSGE) is a pioneering initiative in the region to provide innovative smart government services to all sections of society. DSGE is entrusted with many tasks and powers including: proposing the general strategy of the smart government; overseeing smart transformation processes at the level of government entities; reviewing government entities’ plans and budgets related to smart transformation, IT, smart services and infrastructure; and proposing the legislation necessary for easing the smart transformation process. DSGE officially directs and supervises the implementation of electronic and smart transformation in Dubai Government.

The vision and mission of Dubai Smart Government Establishment:

Vision — To become a world-class smart government for the 21st century.

Mission — To formulate and implement policies and initiatives for innovative and smart ICT usage contributing to economic welfare, social progress, and global competitiveness of Dubai.