What's the best VPN for UAE?

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(Rasmus Mikkonen) #1

Which VPN services work in Dubai? Also, is it even legal to access internet via VPN app using country’s mobile networks?

My friends told me that some websites and apps such as Skype and WhatsApp are blocked in Dubai and I need to be able to access blocked websites, apps, and VoIP services when I will be there on a business trip.

What's the best VPN for UAE?

(Daniel Mc Queen) #2

I personally consider NordVPN to be the best for Dubai and the UAE as a whole with its great privacy and security features.

While living in Dubai since 2008 I have beed using various services. First it was very popular at that time to use Hotspot Shield, and then ExpressVPN was a hot trend. And although ExpressVPN is the most expensive among all of them it does offer tight security, absence of identifying logs and fast connection speeds.

And then I tried NordVPN as per my friends recommendations, and here is the deal:

— NordVPN has 5236 servers across 60 countries all of which have consistently high speeds. They even have 7 servers in the United Arab Emirates if you would need that for some reason. For example, when you go home to UK or US you can access internet as if you were located in the UAE, could be useful for some corporate private networks.

— NordVPN uses a XOR obfuscated algorithm that allows you easily access censored websites in the UAE, unblock geo-restricted content on Netflix or unblock Skype.

— Support is very responsive at NordVPN. Their live chat support is available 24/7 via the website and I never had an issue connecting with support from UAE.

— And finally, you can only purchase a maximum of 1 year plan with ExpressVPN for $99.95 USD, while with this special offer for UAE from NordVPN you can get 3 years of premium VPN service for $107.55 USD. Simply put if you are in UAE for a long term period NordVPN will be 64% cheaper per year than ExpressVPN ($35.85 vs $99.95)

— A 30-day money back guarantee applies as usual so you can cancel subscription and get your money back if you are not happy with the service.

Honest disclaimer, I have been using NordVPN for about 8 months already and personally really happy with it and if you will use the above links to subscribe I’ll receive a small commission.

(Abdullah Al Khalaf) #3

I’m using vpn from Nordvpn as well and somewhat agree with Daniel.

  • it is a very affordable option that works in UAE
  • connection speeds are fast enough for 720p or 108p hd video streaming
  • they claim to have strong security and privacy protection
  • works with Skype
  • they keep no logs