What's the population of Dubai?

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What’s the population of Dubai?

(Abdullah Al Khalaf) #2

Dubai’s population stands at an estimation of about 2.1 million, with three quarters of the population being male. The city of Dubai is made up of a multicultural society; with only 5% of local Emiratis, the rest are expatriates from all over the world. The expatriate population comprises of mostly Indians supplying the city with cheap labour as well as filling professional positions, other nationalities are from various Arabic countries. There is also a significant amount of Iranians, especially after the Islamic revolution in 1979 where more wealthy and educated Iranians settled in Dubai. Furthermore, because of the high demand in workers primarily in the tourism sector, many people from the Philippines, China, Indonesia and Malaysia have become residents in the city.

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According to the official 2014 census conducted by the Statistics Centre of Dubai, the population of Dubai is approximately 2,327,350. That includes 714,175 females and 1,613,175 males.

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The emirate of Dubai has the highest population density in the UAE and enjoys rich cultural diversity with over 200 nationalities.

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Statistical Year Book by the Statistics Centre of Dubai shows that in 2015 the population of Dubai was 2,446,675 people, 743,320 females and 1,703,355 males.

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