Why did the Dubai Police head tweeted that the Pakistanis are a national threat and the UAE should not employ Pakistanis?

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(Lora Johnstone) #1

A top Emirati security official, known for making controversy-catching remarks on wide-ranging issues, took to Twitter to denounce Pakistanis, accusing them of being a “dangerous threat to Gulf societies”.

Khalfan resorted to generalising, asking his fellow citizens “not to employ Pakistanis”. The security official, who was the head of Dubai Police Force until 2013, termed it a "national duty to stop hiring Pakistanis”.

Why did the Dubai Police head tweeted that the Pakistanis are a national threat and the UAE should not employ Pakistanis? I just don’t understand this.

(Tim Elliot) #2

Dubai Police Chief is to keep the city safe. He feels that if Pakistani workers are removed then the city will be safe. And here is why, according to him:

  • Most of them are criminals
  • Most of the drugs come via Pakistan planes and workers.
  • They are not disciplined
  • Most of the crime committed in UAE is by Pakistanis.
    They are not as well educated as Indian workers.

(Abdul Quddus) #4

Tim you still have to study Pakistanis a lot as you see a young and ingrown man. Your words reflect that somewhere someone from Pakistani community has done something wrong to you but can you share it with the forum to show what has gone wrong with you. There are countless of examples on daily basis within this UAE of Pakistani community involved in good deeds, did you hear about? Recently in RAK a Pakistani construction worker exposed himself to extreme danger of a collapsing crane and saved dozens of local children playing close to the accident site. The guy is still undergoing the necessary treatment who was widely praised by parents of the children along with other community members and RAK police, did you read the story about him? If your words are only your hate for a specific community with no known reason, then I believe it’s not right. There are examples of crimes and breaking the law in Dubai on daily basis from different communities mostly from your whereabouts but it is not that much circulated. Means there is must a reason behind this hatred which still needs to be unearthed. I believe another reader Mr. Abdullah Al Khalaf has shed a bit light on the issue and hopefully you agree with his words and accept the facts (if you want to).

(Abdullah Al Khalaf) #3

The tweets were really disparaging about all of Pakistanis for a handful of criminals caught, the comparison with Indians was intended to strike a cruel blow and it certainly did, but lets not get fooled by the fact that all of Pakistanis are represented by few Pakistani criminals, despite saying this I believe that problem is not the ‘tweet that castigates whole of Pakistan, but Pakistani officialdom culture.’

UN has listed 139 individuals as criminals, you will find ex-military people of Pakistan, current establishment people and politicians berating the USA for doing so, at the same time they will stay silent on this tweet which terms all Pakistanis as criminals. Someone is Pakistan has to stand up and ask why?

How come such criminals carry drugs to UAE? it means Pakistani customs are involved and larger criminals, have not we seen PIA planes being caught with contraband in the UK and elsewhere? This shows that a lot of people are implicit in this crime and those caught are just small stooges.

Pakistan has a high number of criminal politicians, it has greedy and corrupt civil services, but ordinary Pakistanis are as honest as you and me.

Bracketing a whole nation bad for a crime of few is not logical, maybe the world is reacting in this manner because Pakistan authorities do nothing to bring about a change, and such frustration of rest of the world displays itself in such a tweet.

(Abdul Quddus) #5

Thanks Lora Johnston for your comments. The negative tweet from such a high profile is not just a common tweet. It carries a whole political scenario behind and I tell you if Pakistan today abandons its Gawadar Port & CPEC program and sends its forces to fight for them in Yemen, then Pakistanis will be the most favourite and popular nation on their soil. GUARANTEED